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In this wikiHow, you`ll learn how to submit your questions, suggestions, comments, and concerns to Yelp`s support team using the online question form in a web browser. You can access the question form in all mobile and desktop browsers. You can review Yelp for general questions or help, legal requests, or comments about something you`ve reported. See also: „Instructions for removing content from Google search results“ NOTE: Do you ask for originating IP addresses or other identifying information from for undisclosed or abusive messages, posts, emails, etc.? Hurdles and legal fees can be significantly reduced by hiring Rexxfield. CRUCIAL: Before serving civil or criminal subpoenas on or other social media services to produce materials related to defamation, harassment, identity theft, copyright infringement, etc. Your attorney`s team may be well advised to use Rexxfield`s litigation support services to ensure that artifacts and valuable internet information are stored appropriately. Rexxfield`s knowledge in these areas will help ensure that the discovery operation you undertake leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the type of documents requested and the evidence revealed. Ask Rexxfield to help you prepare your subpoena requests. delivery address. Are you a law enforcement agency? Where possible, Rexxfield provides pro bono assistance and support to law enforcement agencies that lack the specialized skills to quickly issue warrants and subpoenas for critical but perishable digital evidence.

If you have a violent or serious crime that depends on digital evidence, we are here to help you for free, we can provide testimony to law enforcement and prosecutors. [Ask for help with a criminal investigation and help from Rexxfield] Yelp users haven`t asked about law enforcement experts yet. Law enforcement specialists are open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. 1. Open the question form in your browser. 2. Select your user type from the drop-down menu. 3. Enter your message in the message field.

4. Enter your email address for a reply. 5. Check and select the I am not a robot check box. 6. Click Submit.

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