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Alan brings over 35 years of employee mentorship and personal work-life experience to Workplace Options. He was Vice President of Ceridian LifeWorks` EAP, where he oversaw global resources and referrals, supplier relations, external training, quality control and customer service. Previously, he led the resources and referral and central database operations at work-life consulting firm Work Family Directions. Mediation services save money, time and hassle by giving participants greater control over the outcome of the dispute and providing a confidential forum for resolving disputes. Beacon Health Options offers a full range of services to help your employees manage the complexities of their unique legal and financial situation. By reaching out to legal and financial professionals, we provide quick access to reliable and reliable resources that help resolve these important issues and allow your employees to refocus on their work. Kennette joined the Workplace Options team in May 2013 as Manager of Clinical Operations and assumed her current role in 2019. As Vice President of Crisis and Specialty Clinical Services, she specializes in developing specialized teams, optimizing and implementing processes in global service centers, maintaining consistent processes, and quality of service while adapting to different cultural contexts. Kennette holds a Ph.D. in International Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a Master`s degree in Social Work from East Carolina University. Workplace Options` unique approach to corporate EAP services combines clinicians, consultants, coaches and work-life balance specialists ready to help you create the best experience for your employees. Wynne is a psychologist by training with over a decade of extensive clinical experience in mental health and wellness. Wynne applies her strategic vision, clinical expertise and passion for world-class customer service standards to ensure WPO stays ahead of the competition in how it serves its growing global customer base.

She is also one of the few certified employee support professionals® in Singapore. With over 30 years of experience, Beacon Health Options is the national leader in providing EAP services to any type of employer organization. We are experts in developing and implementing customized programs that combine proven best practices with innovative EAP service delivery. These efforts not only improve the health and well-being of employees. but also the financial health of your organization. Our EAP supports businesses and employees in key areas to: Beacon Health Options is committed to ensuring the well-being of your employees. We believe that delivering a well-designed EAP that includes legal and financial services will help reduce stress and improve productivity in the workplace, which ultimately enrich your life and your bottom line. Our digital solutions and EAP services for employees use integrated systems of human and digital interaction to provide a continuum of care and support individuals on their journey to wellness. Andrea is the Legal Affairs Manager for Workplace Options.

She trained in common law and civil law at McGill`s Faculty of Law and has lived and practiced in several countries on several continents. She is called to the New York State Bar, Canada (Ontario), a lawyer from England and Wales, a Chartered European Lawyer and is admitted to the United States Court of International Trade in New York. Our critical incident response and consulting services further enhance a robust employee wellness program, providing 24/7 support to employees and their families worldwide. Their employees and families may face financial and legal barriers at some point in their lives. These challenges, such as financial planning, divorce, custody disputes, or identity theft, can lead to significant stress, worry, and distractions that can negatively impact employee health, job performance, and productivity. Our trained mediators can assist employees with divorce and custody cases, car accidents, and a variety of other common disputes. Employees and relatives receive free mediation advice and can take advantage of additional services at a reduced hourly rate. Since it is up to the victim to solve identity theft, identity theft becomes a problem for the employer when employees spend valuable time and resources restoring their identity. Our program provides the education and counselling victims need to restore their personal identity, creditworthiness, financial security and legal integrity.

Our anti-fraud specialists take emergency preparedness, provide an emergency kit and provide specialized assistance in disputing costly fraudulent debts. Legal assistance includes family law, bankruptcy, credit consolidation, powers of attorney, guardianship, housing/real estate, traffic offenses, estate planning, and criminal matters. As Head of Global Relations, Stephen works to improve the development of WPO services worldwide. He has worked in the EAP industry for over 25 years and has extensive global experience in high-level leadership roles, including P&L responsibility for a global EAP. He is a registered psychologist and has worked extensively in global operations. He has spoken at global EAP conferences, is a member of numerous professional groups, and has been featured in industry publications. His expertise and experience add depth and authority to the management team. As a provider of employee support programs, Workplace Options provides you with the building blocks needed to transform the health, engagement and overall happiness of your employees. Our legal services provide employees with a secure and confidential conversation with a knowledgeable lawyer in their area. Participants receive free 30-minute legal advice and have the option to hire the lawyer at a reduced cost.

One-on-one coaching on topics such as weight management, smoking cessation, fitness and exercise, nutrition, and stress management can help employees live healthier lives. * The above story is based on a real situation, but the details have been altered or omitted to protect the anonymity of the person receiving support. We are the world`s largest privately owned and independent provider of integrated solutions for the well-being of our employees. This gives us the freedom to be more responsive and develop new employee wellness programs and technologies. For employees with more complex and ongoing financial needs, we offer the My Secure Advantage (MSA) financial wellness program. MSA is a coaching program that helps employees make the most of their financial management practices and retirement investments and make informed financial decisions. Berjin began his career in finance in 1996 in his native Turkey at Accor Corporation (Edenred). In 2000, she moved to the United States and worked for Accor`s Work Life Benefits department as Accounting Manager and then Finance Director. She joined Workplace Options in 2005. Choo is responsible for product revenue growth and channel partner development in Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, he has over 15 years of experience in sales and sales management in the region.

Prior to WPO, Choo worked with Aon Benefits, among others. He is a certified Occupational Health Promotion (BGF) consultant with the Health Promotion Council (HPB) and an expert in designing, implementing and consulting organizations on solutions for employee well-being. As Vice President of Global Clinical Quality, Alison is responsible for developing, implementing and adhering to our global clinical guidelines, as well as clinical oversight across the company. Previously, she was Clinical Team Leader, Head of Service Delivery for the UK and Director of Clinical Services in Europe. Prior to joining Workplace Options, Alison held several HR management positions at a large management consulting firm. Jean-Baptiste (JB) oversees global product sales and advises WPO Global HR professionals, sales and account management teams, and WPO partners worldwide on new business opportunities. Prior to joining Workplace Options, he worked in the global EAP industry in the United States. JB co-founded a language and cultural publishing house in Paris, France, and worked for a large language and training company in London, UK. He currently lives with his family in Toronto, Canada. Our team of experts can help you customize and deploy a wellness solution for your business locally and globally.

No matter the size, scale or market you serve, we`re here for you. Lisa`s team develops new products and relationships with product partners, and develops web content that supports WPO`s customers. Prior to joining Workplace Options, Lisa led Ceridian LifeWorks` Affiliate Management Program. Darrell manages the delivery of global services for all WPO locations nationally and internationally, while communicating the mission of „First Serve the Customer“. Previously, he was Director of Service Delivery at the Raleigh Service Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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